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Best iPad Check-in Apps for Event Registrations

Events are the best places for engaging customers with the latest technology gadgets, collecting customer details, and using them for future endeavours, sales promotion, or product presentations.

It is of utmost importance to organize and well-plan an event to make it successful, regardless of its theme or motto.

Organising a successful event is possible with the use of the latest technology gadgets. iPads are powerful tools for organising an event smoothly.

The various productivity apps compatible with the iPads make event organisation an easy task. There are various occasions during an event where the iPads can be used to enhance productivity and style.

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iPad Check-in apps for Event Registrations:

The event registration apps help in quick, smooth, and professional check-ins for guests attending an event.

On Arrival: On Arrival offers quick registration, a self-service kiosk mode, payment processing, and more. Guests can print badges upon checking-in to the event. It saves time for the guests, room space, and the need for an extra resource.

Splash That: It prints customizable badges for guests from the app on the spot, sends texts to attendees regarding time changes or any other important information regarding the event. The kiosk mode allows attendees to check-in on their own. After the event, the attendance data is synced automatically with the CRM. The unique feature of this app is to let attendees register themselves with a picture of their business card.

Event Farm: It lets you easily swipe or scan-in guests. It stores the data even if the Wi-Fi connection goes off. Its unique feature is its integration with more than 1000 other apps.

Social Tables Check-in: It is a great app with minimal set-up and user-friendly design. Guest check-ins are easy to manage. Adding or removing guests from the list in real-time is possible with the Social Tables app. The check-in app is a part of the full event services software that includes many features. It is a reliable and robust app to handle complex events.

Guest Manager: This app can be added to multiple devices. It works offline, allowing event managers to collect all the check-in data without missing any. The real-time name search makes it easy to quickly check-in guests, and there are multiple ways to create and add attendees to the guest list including through a text message or through the app.

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