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Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions for Cruise Ships

Touch Screens are a great source of communication to effectively reach out to the maximum audience. The Touch Screen technology helps to increase passenger experience in cruise ships.

The Touch Screen technology is highly intuitive and engaging. More and more people are feeling comfortable using a Touch Screen at tradeshows, events, shopping malls, and retail stores. The ease of browsing through the varied content on a Touch Screen makes it the preferred choice for many.

The digital signage for cruise ships allows to easily update the passengers onboard about the various events going on the ship. It allows the Cruise lines to update and manage screen content at any time for display.

Improve passenger experience onboard

Digital signage can be used on a cruise ship to

  •         Greet passengers
  •         Help passengers in wayfinding on the ship
  •         Promote services, shows, and special packages
  •         Announcements for staff as well as passengers
  •         Port of call information
  •         Display shore arrival and departure times
  •         Special membership packages for Club  
  •         Information about medical center onboard
  •         Restaurants display digital menu boards that change according to the daily specials.
  •         Share ship FAQs and facts

Digital Signage Rental Dubai

The Touch screens can be used as way-finding and as ship directories to direct passengers and inform them about the events, excursions, purchases, and whatever special offers the ship provides.

Digital signage helps to create media rich layouts and content that features any variety and content that features any variety of media zones.

They can be used to feature dynamic slideshows with videos, images, and descriptions effectively. Interactive digital signage helps in sharing passenger-centric notifications, emergency broadcasts and more.

Advantage of Digital Signage

  •         It can be easily connected with Android, Chrome, Windows media player for displaying interactive content.
  •         It has the flexibility of remote monitoring and advanced scheduling.
  •         The high-resolution screen gives picture clarity and an impressive display of content.
  •         The digital signage gives a high impression on passengers, it helps them to easily navigate through the different areas of the ship, stay informed about the activities going onboard, get instant help in case of an emergency, and know about the arrival and departure of the ship.

VRS Technologies is a pioneer in providing the best Digital Signage Rental Dubai. We offer Touch screens of all sizes to cater to any need of the customer.

Our team offers expert installation and maintenance service of Touch Screen Rentals for Cruise Ships. We ensure the correct placement, a proper view, adjust the brightness, and perfect picture quality of Touch screens. Whether installed indoors or outdoors the quality of Touch screens remains the same and effective for maximum impact on the passengers.

Visit for availing the best Touch Screen solutions to increase passenger experience onboard.      

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