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Benefit Your Business with PABX Installations in Dubai

Communication plays the key in helping any business take place smoothly and effectively. Whether you want to sell your products, make plans or take decisions, how communication is done becomes the core. PABX (Public Automated Branch Exchange system), a standard telecom and network equipment can be effective in your business communication and help you achieve the expected output.

We at VRS Technologies have with us PABX system of high end digital quality, protected connection and wider reach with secured connections.


Look At What You Can Seek At Vrs Technologies:

  • Digital Hybrid IP phone
  • Cordless cellular compatibility
  • Music on hold
  • Call centre features
  • USB terminal
  • Door phone facility

Grow Your Business With Our Pabx Installations In Dubai

Your business communication can be unparalleled with our reliable and trusted PABX systems in Dubai. Collaboration, call and video conferences, meetings with colleagues can get easier with our PABX systems. We offer you a number of advanced telephone systems which includes Panasonic Kx-TDE 100 and Panasonic TDE 200 VoIP systems and you can find it easy to operate them. For small offices, we have an excellent communication system Panasonic KX-TES 824-hybrid PBX. In addition, we have with us Avaya, Ericsson PABX systems and it is your choice to pick from our PABX telephone systems supplied in Dubai.

Look At The Interesting Features Of Some Pbax Systems:

Panasonic KX – TDE 100 & Panasonic TDE 200

  • E mail integration / voice mail /auto attendant
  • Inbuilt easy call management/ voice processing system
  • Digital hybrid IP phone/Kx-TDA350 Softphone
  • Door phone facility/music on hold/voice to text and mail
  • Cordless cellular compatibility
  • VoIP phone facility
  • Call center features

Panasonic KX-TES 824-HYBRID PBX (Suitable & Effective For Small Offices)

  • Caller ID
  • Digital Extensions
  • Welcome message
  • Voice recording
  • Options for customization

Panasonic Kx – TDE 100 can link 12 lines with 28 phones & Panasonic TDE 200 is capable of linking 46 lines with 48 phones. On the other hand, KX-TES 824-hybrid PBX is suitable for 24 employees having 8 lines and 24 extensions.

LG Ericsson PABX Systems

  • Affordable Technology
  • Highly flexible
  • 50,100,300 and 600 IP enabled telephone systems
  • Centralised management

Avaya Pabx System

  • Purpose built system
  • Makes administration simple
  • Video collaboration solution for IP office

We at VRS Technologies have as many as 51 products and so you have a wide choice for your business needs. All you can do is to gain a winning edge with our PABX installations in Dubai by increasing your productivity. Our products have been set at affordable prices so you do not have to shell out much.

Why wait? Choose from our products and make your business communication effective and thereby see an amazing change.

Contact VRS Technologies at +971 55 5182748 to install our PABX telephone system for the betterment of your company.