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Beginners Guide to Using MacBook and MacBook Pro

MacBook’s are versatile gadgets to possess. People buy MacBook to experience high performance and ease of use while performing complex tasks.

MacBook’s run on the mac OS operating system. It might take some time for beginners to understand the various features and their functionality.

Steps to use the MacBook or MacBook Pro:

Touch ID: The Touch ID feature on the MacBook Pro helps users to login into the account with a single touch and allows them to set up multiple users with the Touch ID. It allows users to make online purchases with the Apple pay on the web facility.

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Auto Unlock: MacBook Pro unlock feature allows users to auto-unlock the device when in close proximity to an Apple watch. It is possible to unlock a MacBook with a strong password set with an Apple watch that is synced with the MacBook.

Touch Bar: The Touch Bar panel placed at the top of the keyboard allows to set up different apps to improve workflow. It is customisable. The OLED panel replaces the row of function keys and it is contextual. The data appearing on the OLED panel changes according to the app that is in use currently.

Dock: It is the favourite section of the MacBook. It stores all the apps, files, and folders for quick access. It allows to quickly open any file or app without the need to browse through all the files and folders.

Menu bar: It consists of system settings, app menu, specific to the app being used, computer status shortcuts, third party quick look tools, spotlight, and Siri. It is placed at the top of the screen.

Mac App Store: Apps and games can be installed on the MacBook from here. Mac operating system can be updated from here. An Apple ID is required to install or download any apps on the MacBook.

Trackpad and Magic mouse: Trackpad and Magic mouse have useful features that include gesture-based functions that will zoom, swipe, scroll, and more.

Full-screen mode: This feature is useful to increase productivity and avoid distractions. It allows two programs to run simultaneously. It is most useful while working on one app and taking references from another one.

Siri: Siri on the Mac has access to lot more things than on an iPhone or iPad. It can schedule events, remind a task, inform users of the weather, search the hard drive for files and folders, and look up pictures.

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