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AMC services serves as the indispensable Component for Corporate

Annual Maintenance Contract or the Computers AMC services has been persistently served the numerous organizations as a service contract which accommodates the IT support services throughout the year by the technical vendors in the landscape. Through the contract, the technical vendors can offer their support services to a large.


Modus Operandi Of The Annual Maintenance Contract (Amc)

  • The AMC Services could even have an interim or a permanent engineer who work at the site and resolve the technical glitches if any in an organization.
  • The service level agreement of AMC services between the technology vendor and the company could bring about the technical support for the entire Facilities Management Services or more popularly call as FMS.
  • The FMS services could incorporate the entire governance of the entire workstations, servers, networks which are connected to the network through the local area network (LAN).
  • In a certain scenario, the companies could even cover certain security systems such as the firewall, disaster recovery, taking up the frequent backups and further ensuring the safeguarding the data.

Annual Maintenance Contract (Amc) Proves To Be A Beneficial Component For Corporate

  • AMC has always proven to be the ideal and the most beneficial component of the corporate as they can completely depend upon the technical vendor for the overall conduct of the complete monitoring of the entire peripherals in the floor.
  • The technical support can be rendered to the customer either through the telephone support, email support or the chat so that the engineers could attend to it and attempt to resolve the major bottleneck.
  • The presence of an FMS engineer at the premises has always proven to be a beneficial component as the problems has been resolved without the involvement of escalation matrix to be raised.

Amc Takes The Facilities Management Services (Fms) To Benefit The Company Towards The Following

  • Taking frequent backups and ensuring the security of the data.
  • Preventive maintenance of the system towards the antivirus upgrades.
  • Providing the technical consulting to the customer and also ensuring the problem to be resolved at the turnaround time (TAT)
  • Ensuring the security concerns related to the malware, spyware and ransom ware.

For most corporations, AMC services has been the viable choice as it covers the services of the servers, laptops, printers, LAN, network equipment. The supporting components have always been very well taken care of through the AMC.

VRS Technologies have emerged as one the premium service providers for corporate under the AMC and assisted the companies towards the complete FMS support.

In the event that you are looking forward to an AMC support for your organization and earnestly looking out for the complete monitoring of the IT support wing, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971-55-5182748, so that our service team could approach you for the same and initiate the AMC formalities. Please visit our official website at

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