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6 Common Printer Problems and How to Fix Them

Printers play an important role in the daily activities of an organisation. They are loaded with capabilities like copying, scanning, printing, and sending a fax.

They come in handy for getting multiple copies of documents, scanning files and saving them onto the system, obtaining hard copies of documents saved on the system, and sending fax instantly. We can obtain color or black and white copies of documents according to our requirements instantly.

With the advent of technology, the modern-day printers can be connected to smartphones and other devices that make it easy to accomplish tasks at a faster pace.

Most of the office work depends on the proper working of a printer. But there are times when the printer does not work properly and there is an urgent need to get document copies. In such a situation, the need for a reliable Printer Repair service provider becomes necessary.

Printer Repair Dubai

Common issues with Printers

  •         Paper Jam issue: One of the most common problems with the printer is paper getting stuck in the printer. This can be resolved by removing the paper stuck in the printer tray or by removing it from the back of the printer that depends mostly on the make of the printer.
  •         Cartridge not working: At times the printer does not print properly as the cartridge does not move smoothly. The inserted paper rolls but there is no matter printed on it. This can be due to an empty cartridge. This issue can be resolved by refiling the cartridge.
  •         Paper rolling out of printer completely blank: The paper rolling out blankly is mostly due to low ink level. This can be fixed by refilling the ink.
  •         Overlapping text: This can be due to the drum unit complexes of a printer.
  •         Driver failure: A driver failure issue is mainly due to a software problem in the printer.
  •         Printer spooler service not working: The common issues with the printer spooler are it keeps stopping, service not running, and so on. This can be resolved by resetting or restarting the Print Spooler.

VRS Technologies offers fast, efficient, on-site printer repair services in Dubai. We professionally provide repair services and using the latest technology. We offer repairs of all types of printers like inkjet and laser printer including plotters, scanners, etc.,

We fix all your printer repair issues promptly and efficiently minimizing the downtime. Our team will quickly resolve the issue and have your office tasks back on track.

Our team ensures to replace the damaged parts with original and guaranteed parts to remove any further issues with the printer. Visit for any issues related to printers of any make within your organisation.

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