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5 Quality Considerations for LED Video Wall Technology

A LED Video Wall is generally used to display advertisements, for business presentations when addressing a large group of people and also during a meeting or to give an attractive look to office surrounding.

Business houses often go for video wall display to attract customer attention and also increase their business presence which ultimately will lead to increase in revenue generation. Video walls play a vital role in communication, security and real time command centre application. Every business investing in a video wall decides not only about cost consideration and returns but other factors which play an important role.

Video Wall Rental Dubai

While installing a LED Video wall often the factors to look for are:

Screen Size and number of panels: The screen size and number of panels required are decided on the space availability, type of content that has to be displayed and the size of audience that needs to be addressed.

Panel quality and Visual performance: Any video wall catches the eye of the audience only with high performance videos. And for an enhanced performance a high resolution and high definition panels are the must haves. The details like backgrounds, contrast, shadow and fine text will be elevated when a high resolution video wall is used. The place where the video wall is installed also plays an important role as we have to focus on the availability of light and brightness of the surroundings.

Display type: LEDs are the preferred type of display when displayed at a distance from the audience.

Ease of use: While installing a Video wall one factor that needs to kept in view are the people operating it. It should be user friendly with less complexity to operate.

Operability: It should also have the feature of multiuser operability.

Some Video wall displays can also be integrated with external sound systems, speakers, lights or conferencing systems.

There should not be any gaps between the panels as it will make the picture quality low. Whether displaying a single image or multiple images a well-structured panel always plays a vital role.


Video Wall Rental Dubai becomes an easy task as you need not worry about the details. With a professional team always at service any business house looking for video wall rental can rely on us. Our experts will guide you the basics by gathering your requirements like purpose of a video wall, space availability and also the budget.

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