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5 Common Mistakes that can Ruin your Laptop Motherboard

The motherboard or the mainboard is the most critical component of a computer. It is the place where all the components or parts of a computer are plugged together. It is hence aptly called the heart of the Laptop.

Any issue that arises within the motherboard will affect the overall working of the Laptop. Motherboards can get damaged due to various reasons.

5 reasons for Laptop motherboard damage:-

Heating issues: Long hours of usage with high-intensity programming on the computer will lead to the internal heating of the parts. The motherboard also gets heated up due to increased hours of use. It may lead to motherboard damage. Heat dissipation is necessary for keeping the internal parts cool; fans and heatsinks help in keeping the computer cool. It also helps in increasing the life of the motherboard.

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Short Circuits: Any loose wiring, improperly fitted screws, or loosely connected CPU fan components can cause a short circuit that may lead to a damaged motherboard. The motherboard passes electricity to other components in the computer; any unattended wires or components that come in contact with the motherboard will cause a short circuit. Ensure all the internal components are fitted properly, there are no loose screws or dangling extra wires.

Voltage fluctuations: The electrical circuits in a motherboard get damaged due to the sudden surge in electricity passing through them. It will lead to motherboard damage. A proper voltage regulator installed in place can neutralize the effect.

Electrical damage: Extra caution should be followed while installing new peripheral devices. Any device improperly connected can lead to electrical damage to the motherboard. Before connecting a new device all the parts should be checked for appropriate connections and then switched on.   

Blocked ventilation outlets: Laptop ventilation outlets help dissipate heat in the system. Any blockage of these outlets makes the computer heated up, which ultimately leads to motherboard damage. Dust is a major cause of blockage of these outlets; cleaning the vents regularly clears the dust and allows the free flow of air.

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