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Firewall Solutions

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In the recent times, the emerging digital economy drives the advancement of business value by constantly leveraging the technology ecosystem in the corporate networks and with the adoption of more and more BYOD (Bring your own devices) onto the corporate networks there has been a raising concern of the corporate networks and probably securing the networks against any malicious setbacks becomes utmost important.

In order to compete, numerous organizations are required to implement new models of digital connectivity and data sharing among the on-premise and the culmination of both public and private cloud platforms which constantly enables the internet of things (loT). The implementation and deployment of the advanced new techniques have brought in greater agility, more intuitive to the customer needs and further capacitating the market demands.

In this particular paradigm, enforcing the firewall fabric approach to constantly protect the network access layer system becomes the need of the hour and equally imperative to bring about the embedded network security across the corporate networks.

The firewall security fabric has been considered as an architectural approach to bring about the security enforcements to the corporate network systems as a whole.

Anecdote: The network architecture can be understood as a system comprised of many layers such as the access layer, the distribution layer and the core layer. The first and the foremost layer; the access layer has been designated as the layer which physically connects the host computers to the network or the local area network. The distribution layer becomes the single aggregation point where the access layer devices gets connected to the network and the core layer becomes responsible to accommodate and route the large amounts of traffic

The network secure access architecture has emerged out as one of the end-to-end solution to deliver high speed access and security solution for the enterprise organization.

The firewall solutions which provide the security access architecture solutions have been constantly monitoring the security policy controls that actually simplify the network administration access across the wired and wireless infrastructure and the subsequent firewall fabric becomes the integrated solution to the BYOD devices onto the corporate networks.


The firewall systems have been constantly evolving itself as per the organization’s network usage and the way the organization manages the BYOD’s authentication process. In this particular transition, the firewall systems have been implementing and deploying some of the prognostic challenges with reference to the security access architecture solutions; which aims to encompass the entire access infrastructure paradigm for both the wired and wireless network systems on board.

These security access architecture solutions are fantastically blended with each other to bring about the unified firewall security fabric systems and are being deployed as a one single managed protection regime to leverage the security updates. The firewall security fabric systems have been bringing about the visibility control over the entire lot of LoT devices and the critical enterprise networks.


Application security: The firewall security fabric ensures the overall security and the protections standards to safeguard the web-based applications that has been completely prone to the hacker’s targeted spot and the weaker firewall systems meant to be the most cumbersome process which could easily exploited by them and results in overall security breach, financial loss, damage to the brand reputation and most importantly losing the trust amongst the customers in large.

The application security solution delivers a complete network security component as mentioned below:

  • Access monitoring and security: The firewall access monitoring and security comprises the blend and integration which secures the network system to constantly enable the new device access onto the network, their pre-requisite permissions to access the crucial data within the network and the total protection towards any sorts of malicious intrusions.
  • The end point-Onboarding and security for all users and devices: The authentication methodologies of firewall systems becomes the most pivotal component at the end-points of the network systems and hence enabling the appropriate authentications for the new BYOD devices to gain entry into the network system with the help of single-sign on and certification management to mention a few.
  • Security Management for on-premise and cloud solutions: The firewall solutions have brought in the most flexible options to constantly safeguard both the platforms such as the on-premise and the cloud platform with appropriate network security console features which includes the multi-channel and the single-channel deployment methodologies.
  • Access points in the network systems which plays a primordial role: The WLAN access point for the enterprise network brings about the amalgamation of 802.11 ac wave 2 enterprise Aps which supports the deployment options WLANs and brings about the seamless network connectivity in both the modes such as the on-premise and the cloud platforms. Primarily, these access point deployments is suitable for both the indoor premises and the outdoor premises tangibly.

Anecdote: The 802.11 ac is a wireless networking standard amongst the 802.11 family and are hence termed as wi-fi. The 802.11 ac has been coined by IEEE standardizing process which invariably brings about the wireless local area networks or the WLANs and transmitting across 5 GHz band transmission.

The Access Layer’s security console transforms itself as Next Generation Security Access: The firewall brings about the comprehensive array of network security appliances and devices which brings the blend of industry leading integrated cyber security protection for the access layer as mentioned above in the anecdote 1


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