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Secure your Business and Property with Access Control Systems Dubai

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Our access control systems in Dubai provides you with the technology to deliver sophisticated security solutions, from the simplest to the most challenging.

You can limit connections to computer networks, system files etc and even physical assets including campus, buildings etc.

Access control systems perform authorization, identification, authentication, access approval and accountability of entities through login credentials.

Key Features:

•    Biometric/Proximity card with password option
•    Inbuilt time attendance software
•    Removes scope for malpractice
•    Reports can be generated automatically
•    Eliminates the use of time cards and time sheets

access control system dubai

Access Control Systems To Secure Your Business And Property


•    Regulate/ control entry
•    Digitize entry and exit points
•    Allows management to estimate the number of visitors at a given location
•    Safeguarding physical property ( life of employees)

Only access cards help entering secured locations and thus it reduces the scope of unwarranted attacks. Our access control systems Dubai provides on site security and system, which provides the peace of mind and unmatched protection against intruders and other unauthorized persons. Call us now for more information on ACS or email us now!