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IT Maintenance, Server Support in Dubai

VRS Computers > IT Maintenance, Server Support in Dubai
We Provide Reliable IT Maintenance and Support serivces in Dubai with 24X7 Instant Server Support Enabled.

One name for your entire server needs….VRS Technologies LLC, extending the reach of technology through servers in your business environment.

It Maintenance Services And Server Support Services Dubai

We understand the paramount importance of servers in your business network. If you are not supported by a reliable server, your operations could collapse anytime bringing a doom to your business. This made VRS Technologies evolve out with some of the best server solutions that can cater to your specific requirements as and when you need. Right from budget friendly server rentals in Dubai to complete on-site server maintenance and support, we are there for you, the way you want.

  • Server Rental….that eases your budget
  • Server Maintenance….that ensures uninterrupted performance
  • Serve Support….that backs you up when you stuck

Our oozing experience in the service industry is sure to keep your servers updated and working that deliver the expected output. Not only this, we offer service level response on your commands anytime of the day with our single motto of keeping your server running day and night.

We have designed server rental packages and contracts that are flexible to match the expectations of organizations of different lengths and breadths along all verticals of the industry. With offerings that soothes your budget, we ensure complete peace of mind with VRS put to your service.

Schedule a meeting with our executive to discuss your requirements. Ask for a quote right NOW!

Reliable Server Rental, Maintenance And Support In Dubai

In any IT establishment servers are heart of the network. At VRS technologies we offer server rental maintenance packages which can be tailored as per your requirement. Our contracts are flexible to provide cover at all levels from complete on-site maintenance for a wide range of service level responses. The service level response is applicable both during work hours and 24/7. With extensive experience in the service industry, we ensure your servers are updated and always work to produce the expected output of your network. By subscribing to us you may enjoy complete peace of mind with an added advantage of easing out of your IT budget.

What we offer?
  • Hard drive clean up and maintenance
  • Regular Backups
  • Updating systems with required service packs and updates
  • Security checks
  • Functionality checks
  • Application functionality
  • Redundancy checks and updates
  • Microsoft update installation
  • Anti-virus scans and updates
  • Microsoft exchange server administration
  • Server administration
  • Router configuration & management
  • Remote access configuration and admin
  • Email management

Let this not limit us to what we can offer you in terms of support and management. Please call us today to know more about our packages and services on Server Rental, Maintenance, and IT Support Services Dubai.