Structured cabling solutions have defined their domain in building robust networks

In today’s digital world, there are four trends which define the network technology which could empower the network connectivity in the premises and also predominantly becoming a robust component too.

The structured cabling solutions transitions itself to bring about the digital connectivity for premises, workplaces, data centers, servers by collaborating the best practices of the four trends such as:

  • The mobility factor which makes the digital transactions much easier
  • Enhancing the proper security over the digital transmissions.
  • Maintaining the optimal bandwidth for the best conduct of data transmissions

The foundation of these trends emerges out from the proper alignment of the structural cabling systems in place which brings about the optimal digital connectivity.

The structured cabling solutions have come a long way through and have rapidly evolved to integrate many associated hardware components within to provide a comprehensive communication infrastructure in an enterprise organization.

structured cabling Dubai

The governing factors for the structured cabling systems :

  • The structured cabling systems are predominantly governed by a set of standards which defines the network connectivity for data centers, servers, offices and enterprise organizations with reference to the data and voice communications.
  • In general, these data and voice communication systems are efficiently carried out through various kinds of structured cables such as the category 5 e (Cat-5e), category 6 (Cat-6) fiber optic cabling systems and a plethora of modular connectors.
  • These standards define how to lay the cabling in various topologies in order to meet the needs of the customer, typically using a central patch panel (which is normally 19 inch rack-mounted), from where each modular connection can be used as needed.


In the recent past, the structured cabling has gone beyond the typical internal network connectivity realms, it has now become the most standard connectivity to manage and utilize the enterprise building’s connectivity such as the following:

  • Sensor-driven technologies
  • Wireless networks
  • Cloud computing
  • Audio/visual systems

Scalability paradigms of structured cabling solutions :

The structured cabling solution takes on as the fiber optic backbone which could eventually support the digital network connectivity and could seamlessly accommodate 100 Gbps and more. The fiber optic cabling has emerged in the market which could ensure the limitless possibilities of the robust communication medium.

The structured cabling companies have gained their momentum :

In today’s trend, many enterprise organizations across the landscape are investing their huge budgets to bring about the latest technology which could predominantly increase the speed and the inherent capacity to enhance their communication systems in order to stay ahead in the digital cluttered market.

In this particular endeavor, the structured cabling companies have come a long-way towards the implementation and deployment of structured cabling solutions which could probably transmit the voice and data communications.

VRS Technologies has emerged in the market as one of the structured cabling companies in Dubai, UAE and have been reputed across the landscape to build the most robust structured cabling solutions which could transmit higher bandwidth data transmissions. Please approach VRS Technologies and call us at 009714 3866001 for the structured cabling solutions and alignments. Please visit our official website at

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