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Simple Tips to Enhance Your Experience with Laptop Rentals in Dubai

At this point in time, students must be either gearing up to resume school or they might have already had a head start. In either case, what remains to be an essential factor here is acquiring a laptop that meets the school specifications.

The online shopping giants are offering huge sales on laptops, but there is always a certain amount of mismatch in the laptops you need and the products on sale. However, a Laptop Rental in Dubai  is a simple and straightforward approach to gain the laptops that meet the exact specs.

Once getting hold of a laptop is out of the way, there are few issues that can really be a pain in the neck if not handled properly. For one, the battery draining issue; it feels like the hours of battery life the manufacturers claim is all sham as the battery drains in a couple of hours. One of the greatest advantages of using a laptop is the portability it offers. What is the use of portability if you have to keep it plugged all the time? To tap longer unplugged usage, there is a way we can tell, which hardware and software are consuming the most power from the built-in report generated by Windows. Type powercfg-energy and press enter in the command prompt as an administrator; it will bring up a report that shows the programs that hog the maximum power.

Laptop Rentals in Dubai

Apart From This, Here Are A Few Tips That Will Minimize Your Power Usage While On Battery

Lower The Screen Brightness:

Though many of us know this, now is the time to act on it. The dimmer the screen, the lesser is the power consumption.

Try 802.11ac Wi-Fi:

As much as one to two hours of battery life can be saved by switching on to 802.11 ac instead of 5-GHz 802, which is a lot when it comes to battery life.

Cut Down The Background Running Apps:

The apps which are not in use, like Skype running in the background, can gulp huge amounts of power.

Turn On Power Saver Profile:

Bring a change in power consumption by right clicking on the battery icon and selecting the power options.

Opt For Sleep Mode:

If you are already on a power plan, then it will probably put your system to sleep after a few minutes of idle time, however, if you are not, it is advised to make sure your system goes into sleep mode after 5 minutes of non-usage so that your power is saved.

At VRS Technologies, we offer a wide variety of latest laptops on rent meant for different kinds of use including student use, business, travel, events, meetings etc.  Contact us today if you are looking for laptops for rent in Dubai at +971 55 5182748  or visit our website

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